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In this section you can see some of the pieces I have made that have now been sold, as well as artists that were previously featured on the website and information from past issues of the Journal.
Guest artists that have been featured on the website.
Celeste Luis
Mihoko JH, enamelist
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Autumn 2004
Magic Eyes
Large rutilated quartz pendant on faceted smoky quartz and ox eye beads, with decorative Balinese silver clasp.
The inclusions in this large crystal look like fine red hairs, very similar in colour to the beads.
Ox eye is the term for this red variety of the stone tiger eye. It has the same property of an " eye " that moves in the light. There is also a blue variant that is called hawk or eagle eye.
Pretty Polly
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Delicately carved white jade pendant with a bird as the central motif, hanging from labradorite and carved white jade beads, with tiny crystals and silver clasp.
I will let you decide for yourselves what sort of bird the carver was inspired by, I am reminded of a parrot, but click on the picture and see if you agree. This piece of jade is not antique, although would probably fall into the vintage category.
Labradorite displays a wonderful irridescence, these beads shimmer with blue in the light, the white jade beads are delicately carved in a manner similar to the pendant.
Silver Eagle
Silver eagle pendant on turquoise with small stone animals and silver beads, strung using Chinese knots.
The silver pendant was made using the new " silver clay " material. The silver is suspended in a clay binder that burns away on firing to leave a solid silver piece.
The eagle design was inspired by Native American artifacts, so it seemed fitting that it was strung with turquoise and small fetish type animals.
Glass Dragons
Antique glass pendant on woven cord, with jade bead.
This pendant is made from carved glass, a technique commonly associated with the production of antique Chinese snuff bottles.
I saw this piece in a shop in Hong Kong many times before I realised that it had a hole through the thickness of the piece that I could use to make it into something to wear.
Red Tailed Lampfish
Lampworked fish pendant, on a choker length double strand of assorted hand made glass beads. Strung on cord with Chinese knotting.
The fish pendant and larger beads were lampworked by the artist Robyn King from Waitomo in New Zealand. The necklace also incorporates Indian glass beads and some interesting modern replicas of trade beads.
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