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Rose Goddess
Rose quartz Kuan Yin pendant on a necklace of large pink shell beads, with accent beads of carved rose quartz and dark jasper. Strung with Chinese knots and a silver clasp.
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The shell beads on this necklace come from the Philippines. Each bead requires a whole shell because only a small part is thick enough for such a large bead. The pink colour is natural and all the shapes are slightly different.
The Goddess of Mercy pendant is beautifully carved and the hands and face have been given a sandblasting treatment so they have a matte finish which shows the features more clearly.
Monkey Puzzled
Two color nephrite jade carving of a mother and baby monkey holding a peach. Strung from a necklace of clear rock crystal, with pale citrine and agate accent beads. Fastens with a silver toggle clasp.
2004 will be the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. People born in these years are supposed to be remarkably inventive, clever and skilful. They are most compatible with partners born in the years of the Dragon or Rat
The main pendant is carved from one piece of two color jade, so the larger monkey is white and the baby is almost totally brown. To view a detail of the pendant click the picture.
Elfin Facets
Lariat style necklace of small faceted fluorite stones, with central beads that show clear color banding. Strung using Chinese knots and fastening with a silver toggle clasp..
Fluorite in its purest form is colorless, but the green, pink and purple colors are favoured for beads and decorative carvings. A stone may have large areas of a single color, or display characteristic bands of several colors. The stone is said to produce an energy that encourages order, harmony and balance..
This design is smaller and more delicate than many other pieces I have made, but I thought the tiny facets were individual works of art and were beautiful just in a simple style.
Tassel necklace featuring a carved and painted tagua nut dragon, with a large dyed coral bead, an Indian silver bead and a tassel of glass, stone, shell, bone and bamboo beads. The main element is strung from a handwoven cord which fastens with a silver toggle clasp.
When carved Tagua nuts resemble ivory, and indeed are sometimes called
" vegetable ivory ". However no elephants have to be harmed to make these charming pieces. The large nuts are produced by a palm tree native to S.Africa and S.America. Unripe they can be eaten, but when mature they are hard enough to carve and polish.
Dunkin Dragons
Large green stone donut, carved in antique style, on quartz beads and bone endless knots, strung with Chinese knots.

There are many stones that resemble nephrite jade and are given exotic names,
" Suzhou jade " ( usually Bowenite ),
" Manchurian jade " ( Soapstone ), and many others. They are generally softer than true jade, but nevertheless can be very attractive if well carved.

The endless knot is one of the eight Buddhist symbols. Sometimes referred to as a mystic knot, it symbolises longevity, eternity, destiny, the cycle of life and the mysterious connection of all things physical and spiritual, material and non material, human and divine.
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