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Wise Dragons
Carved rutilated quartz pendant on pale citrine and rutilated quartz beads, strung on cord with Chinese knots.
The pendant shows two dragons circling a flaming pearl of wisdom, a very popular and decorative Chinese design.
Rutilated quartz comes with many different colour inclusions, the variety that looks golden is the most highly prized, but black, greenish and coppery tones are also found.
This piece was created as a present for a friend. The pendant is a jewellers loupe, used for examining stones and settings. It is strung from a handwoven cord and accented with elements to represent things significant to her.

A red glass heart symbolises love, a piece of rough amethyst and bead with Chinese characters for her hobbies and a tiny white kitty face.
Sparkly Dangles
Large amethyst dragon bead on long string of faceted ametrine and smoky quartz, with small amethyst beads. Tassel ends with two pale citrines, and necklace fastens with Balinese silver toggle clasp.

The name amethyst derives from the Greek amethystos, meaning "not drunken" as it was believed to protect those that wore it from drunkenness. It is the most highly prized variety of quartz.

I found this large bead in Hong Kong, they had only two nice ones, this and a slightly paler colour one. It is carved with stylised dragons and a shou character representing longevity. The design came together when I saw the ametrine and smoky quartz to match.
The company that makes these clever lorgnettes is based in Japan. When not in use the lenses fold away into a small pendant.

This pair are strung with a pink stone dragon shape and a large cloisonee bead, on a handwoven cord and attatched with Chinese knots.

Cloisonee is an ancient enamel technique, where different colours are separated by thin metal wires.
This simple design has a large green stone bead carved with stylised bats and coins, and a faceted black crystal bead. It hangs from a handwoven neckcord.

The bat is emblematic of happiness and longevity to the Chinese, the design is sometimes so stylised that it more resembles a butterfly.
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