Glass and Ceramic Beads
Life's a Beach
Long multi-strand necklace with asymmetrical design featuring a tagua nut fish as the focal element.
This piece uses many different materials to evoke the feeling of the seashore. In addition to the carved tagua nut fish there are small shells, Thai silver fish and shells, an assortment of Indian glass beads, a large Indian silver bead, a large Murano bead, Japanese seed beads, bone and coconut materials. It fastens with a silver toggle type clasp.
To view a detail of the strands click the picture.
Blue Moondrops
Handmade German glass pendant on necklace of assorted glass and Bali silver beads, strung on cord with Chinese knots and fastening with Bali silver toggle clasp.
The large glass pendant was bought from Studioglasshutte a small glassmaker located nead Riedlhutte in Bavaria. They specialise in large sculptural pieces, but the small pendant has the same fluid and organic style. Their website is
The main piece is predominantly blue and the Bali silver beads are decorated with crescent moons, which is how the piece got its name.
Memories of Venice
New Murano glass beads of various techniques, strung on cord with Chinese knots.
There are many different techniques for making glass beads, each has its own name, for example, rosetta, murrine, occhio, sommerso and fiore.
With so many beads in Venice I decided to collect one or two from some favorite shops to make this long necklace.
Java Jive
Choker length necklace of glass beads and Bali silver. Strung on knotted cord and fastening with silver "S" shaped clasp.
The large trail decorated focal bead comes from Java in Indonesia, while the smaller glass beads are from India. The Balinese silver beads are decorated using a granulation technique, which gives them a very detailed design.
Compound glass beads similar to this modern focal have been found in Java dating to around the fifteenth century.
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