Antique Jade Necklaces
Spotty Dogs
Ching Dynasty white jade carving of two dogs, mother and baby, strung with white jade beads,carved endless knots, agate coin shape and stone beads on knotted cord.
The carver has made wonderful use of natural brown patches in the stone to give the dogs their spots. As one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals it is a popular subject.
Ruud Deer
Ching Dynasty deer pendant strung on pale citrine and white jade beads using cord with Chinese knots.
Chinese mythology holds that deer live to a great age, in this piece the animal holds the sacred fungus of immortality in its mouth. Their antlers are also used as an ingredient in Chinese medicine.
A brown spot in the celadon coloured jade has been used as the end of the nose, hence I christened him Rudolf, which was subsequently shortened to Ruud, in honour of a certain footballer.
Tail Chasing
Ching Dynasty disc or " bi ", white jade with carving of one dragon on the front .
The disc or " bi " shape is an ancient form simple examples have been found in Neolithic burial sites. It also lends itself well to decoration, one or two dragons is a popular motif.
Although these donut shapes are relatively common, it took me a long time to find one that would look nice worn as a pendant. With a two dragon design the string may have to cross over the carving, this one however hasn't quite managed to catch his tail so left a small gap for my cord.
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