Antique Jade Necklaces
Small Seal
An antique white jade seal forms the pendant on this design. It is strung on carved onyx dragon beads with coral and modern white jade beads.
Personal seals have a long history in many cultures. They were in use by Chinese officials as far back as the Sung Dynasty,and have continuing importance even in modern Japan.
The seal still had traces of vermillion in the carved characters on the base when I found it, but I cleaned it for wearing. The coral does however recall the colour of the ink.
Naughty Monkeys
Antique jade pendant of two playful monkeys, strung with agate, white jade and copal beads, bone endless knots on Chinese knotting.
The natural colour variation in the jade has been used so that one monkey is brown and the other white. The monkey is one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac and in earlier times was regarded as helpful in driving away evil influences.
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