The company that makes these clever lorgnettes is  based in Japan. They fold away into a small pendant.
This pair are strung with a large rose quartz endless knot, carved blue agate flowers and some small glass and rose quartz beads, on a multicoloured handwoven cord with Chinese knots.
The endless knot is one of the eight Buddhist symbols. Sometimes referred to as a mystic knot, it symbolises longevity, eternity, destiny, the cycle of life and the mysterious connection of all things physical and spiritual, material and non material, human and divine.
This pair of fold away lorgnettes are strung with a Cochin pottery peacock from Taiwan, a carved stone bead and some Indian glass beads. Hanging from a multicoloured handwoven cord and attatched with Chinese button knots.
Cochin pottery is a typical folk product of Taiwan. Initially developed in mainland China for decorating temples, many small decorative items are now made.
Peacocks were not native to China, but were likely introduced from the Malay peninsula. It is regarded with appreciation and respect as an emblem of beauty and dignity. During the Ming dynasty the tail feathers were conferred as an official hat decoration to mark a persons meritorious service to the emperor.
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