Cochin Pottery phoenix from Taiwan, Indian glass beads and small stone ingot shape, strung on handwoven cord.
Cochin pottery is a typical folk product of Taiwan, initially developed in mainland China for decorating temples, many small decorative items are now made. Historically the phoenix was the emblem of the Chinese Empress.
This pair of rather wild red lorgnettes is embellished with a carved Tagua nut in the form of a boy holding an ingot, with smaller glass and stone beads. They hang from a handwoven neckcord.
When carved Tagua nuts resemble ivory, and indeed are sometimes called
" vegetable ivory ". However no elephants have to be harmed to make these charming pieces. The large nuts are produced by a palm tree native to tropical S. Africa and S. America. Unripe they can be eaten, but when mature they are hard enough to carve and polish.
This figure symbolises prosperity, and using renewable Tagua nuts instead of ivory will certainly help elephants to prosper.
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