This pair of fold away lorgnettes are strung with a large handmade glass
"donut" shape, Indian glass lampwork beads and a black glass crystal bead. Hanging from a handwoven cord and fastened with Chinese button knots.
Lampworked glass beads are made by hand over a small flame. A metal rod or mandrel is coated with a clay like substance known as bead release. A glass rod is then heated in the flame and the molten glass is wrapped around the mandrel to form the bead. When cool the bead can be removed from the rod leaving the central hole for stringing. Many different techniques can be used to create and decorate beads made this way, giving rise to a huge variety of designs, shapes and textures.
This pair of fold away lorgnettes are strung with a dyed coral dragon carving, fluorite beads and small glass beads. Hanging from a handwoven cord with Chinese button knots.
The dragon is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac year animals, and this powerful supernatural creature was also used as the symbol for the Emperor.
Fluorite comes in a variety of colours, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and even black. Stones that show banding of several colours are particularly attractive.
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