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Two books bought in the last couple of months, both made for interseting reading.
" Art on a String "

Aboriginal threaded objects from the Central Desert and Arnhem Land.

By Louise Hamby and Diana Young

Co-published by Object-Australian Centre for Craft and Design and the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
This book was produced in conjunction with an exhibition of necklaces and other strung objects from various Aboriginal communities.

It is well illustrated and gives a wonderful insight into an area of Aboriginal art that has been rather neglected. Whilst paintings have become collectable these craft items have escaped notice. This book gives them much deserved attention.
" Jadeite Jade "

A Stone & A Culture

By Ou Yang and Chiu Mei

Published by The Hong Kong Institute of Gemmology
The author has published several books on jade in Chinese, but this is her first in English. It is comprehensive, covering historical and cultural aspects as well as sections on mining, processing and even simulants and artificial treatments.

Interesting and a good reference guide.
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