The Hong Kong Jade Market
I love a good market, and the Jade Market in Hong Kong has to be one of my favorites. The quantity of things on offer is overwhelming, none of the prices are marked, and of course quite a few things are not real jade, but I always walk through the gate in anticipation of finding a treasure. 

Prices are negotiable, but some of the "bargains'" may not be what they seem. Poor quality Burmese jade can be bleached and dyed to give it the bright green or lavender colour.This treated stone may be attractive but is not valuable like a piece with natural colour. There are also many cheaper stones that are passed off as Nephrite ( white ) jade.
However there are many good stalls, and some offering pearls and other stone beads and carvings too.

Whilst the best shopping tip is always  "buyer beware", I think there are some other useful pointers for shopping at the market. Value the workmanship of a piece rather than the stone. A beautiful carving will still be lovely even if it turns out not to be a real piece of jade. If the colour seems very bright and the price is relatively inexpensive, it is probably dyed. A lot of "old jade", is neither old nor jade. Looking is free, and the more you look the more you learn !

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