The Bookshelf
Three new books added to the bookshelf, two from my recent travels to New Zealand.
" Pounamu "
New Zealand Jade

By Neil Hanna and Diana Menefy
Published by Jadepress
These two slim volumes cover the same subject, but from different perspectives.

The first gives slightly more information and illustration on the various types of stone, while the second covers more of the historical significance. Read together I found them to be a very interesting primer on the subject.
" Pounamu '
Maori Jade of New Zealand

By Roger Neich
Published by David Bateman
" Antique Jewellery "

Its manufacture, materials and design

By Duncan James

Published by Shire Publications
For a small book this managed to pack in a great deal of information, assisted by some very clear diagrams and illustrations.

Particulary useful as an introduction to some techniques like filigree, granulation and cloisonne, which are more common in antique pieces.
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