The Bookshelf
These are a couple of the reference books I used to research the Chinese Zodiac.
"The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology"

By Arthur Cotterell & Rachel Storm
Published by Hermes House
A fun book to browse with lots of nice illustrations, not an in depth coverage of any particular region. Unfortunately the index could be more comprehensive, it only covers the main topic headings, so something referenced in the text may not be listed.
"Outline of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives"

By C.A.S Williams
Published by Dover Publications Inc
This book was first published under a slightly different title in 1931. It has been subsequently revised, but not actually updated. Since most of the content refers to historical information this does not matter. However it posesses acertain antiquated charm, particularly when referencing "current" cultural practices, which have obviously been superceded.
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