New Work - April 2005
Pounamu Pendant
Roughly polished slab of New Zealand jade, hanging from a plaited waxed cotton cord embellished with tourmaline chips. Necklace fastens with a loop over a paua shell toggle.
New Zealand jade was called pounamu by the Maori, and was first used for stone tools and weapons. It's aesthetic qualities were also valued and it became an article of adornment. Pieces were worn strung from a flax cord or leather thong. Paua shell comes from abalone which is harvested in New Zealand, the irridescent sheen makes it popular for jewelry and other decorative items.
In this design I have tried to retain the spirit of simplicity, but with a little extra twist to pick out the interesting colours of the main piece.
Java Jive
Choker length necklace of glass beads and Bali silver. Strung on knotted cord and fastening with silver "S" shaped clasp.
The large trail decorated focal bead comes from Java in Indonesia. The smaller glass beads are from India.The Balinese silver beads are decorated using a granulation technique to give a detailed design.
Compound glass beads similar to this modern focal have been found in Java dating to around the fifteenth century
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