Rock Corner - Fluorite
This is a popular stone to use in semi-precious jewelry, since it can occur in a variety of colours. Pure specimens are colourless and completely transparent, but it may also be blue, green, pink, purple, yellow or even black. Stones that show a variety of different colours arranged in bands are partcularly attractive.

It is semi hard, ( 4 on the Mohs scale, Diamond being 10 ) , heavy, but fragile. Therefore it should be treated carefully, and protected from impact.

The mineral is found in many places, and mined from Ontario, Canada, Illinois and Kentucky in the USA, as well as Russia, Italy and Mexico.

In addition to its decorative properties it is also used  in the production of hydrofluoric acid for the pottery and plastics industries.

Fluorite is also refered to as Fluor Spar and regarded as a powerful healing crystal, which is associated with the star signs Pisces and Capricorn.

This stone is said to produce an energy that encourages order, harmony and balance.

The various different varieties also have additional crystal properties specifc to their particular colour.
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