Japanese Art Glass Beads
The Japanese electronics industry is world reknowned for its talents at minaturisation and styling. Equally impressive is the work of the glass bead artists working there. A whole world can be captured in a tiny sphere of this material that transforms in the flame.

Glass beads have a long history in Japan, ancient examples have been discovered from the Yayoi period ( 200 BC ). Artists today often use motifs from their rich cultural heritage, but as the art form evolves other influences will no doubt be apparent.
In a country where living spaces are usually small, these tiny works of art can be easily collected and stored, where larger sculptures would prove impossible. Beautiful handcrafted items have long been valued there, and whilst the price of kimono and some other crafts has led to their decline, the future may be better for artists in this field.

These pieces were all made to be worn as an accessory with Western dress, but craftsmen also produce " beads " with larger perforations to be worn as " obi dome " , the brooch attatched to the cord used to secure the wide sash around a kimono.
Smoky Flowers
Eye Bead
Crane Flowers
Yasuhiro Ohkama
Masui Tosimasa Masui Tosimasa
Red Fish
Moon and Cherry Blossom
Flowers Snake
Yasuhiro Ohkama
Yamada-san Takahashi-san
Masui Tosimasa
Three tier Pagoda Rainbow Ribbons Lilac Swirls
Shigemichi Yagi Masui Tosimasa
Yasuhiro Ohkama
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