The Bookshelf
Two recent publications I have added to my bookshelf. Both good to browse, but not for those intent on serious study of either subject.
Apparently the information in this book was first published as part of a larger compendium called " Myths of the East ". This new paperback is a lovely glossy book filled with many interesting pictures, illustrating the different entries.

The subjects are listed alphabetically, with special sections for important topics like  "Yin and Yang" and   "Chinese Dragons".
" Mythology of Asia and the Far East "

Myths and legends of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

By Rachel Storm

Published by Southwater
A handy size little reference book. Lists a large number of minerals with their associated healing and mystical properties.
Each entry is illustrated with pictures of the relevant crystal and a very brief discussion of sources and rarity value. Not intended as a geological work, but intersting for the perspective it offers.
" The Crystal Bible "

A definitive guide to Crystals

By Judy Hall

Published by Godsfield
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