Designs in Progress
This Burmese jade pendant was bought in Hong Kong. It shows a temple lion playing with a ball and holding a branch of a sacred plant in its mouth. The animal is very nicely detailed and the carver has made use of the natural colour variations in the stone to give contrast between the lion and its background.

This piece I think will work well as part of a simple necklace design which will show off the beauty of the carving.

to see the finished piece.
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The large glass pendant comes from Studioglasshutte located on the Glassse Strasse in Southern Germany.

The pendant has nice blue and golden yellow colours so I want to make a slightly asymmetrical design using some other small glass beads.

It is taking some time to collect beads of the right size and colour to match the focal piece.

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to see the finished piece.
Rosary of wooden Chinese luohan prayer beads ending with small wooden Buddha.
I was particularly drawn to these beads because each of the faces is different, and all have been expertly carved ( see detailed pictures below ). Each bead is about an inch long.

This is quite a long strand of beads, and making an interesting design to keep all the pieces together will be challenging.

I am in the process of collecting some large beads to make a choker length design, probably with some silver beads in between the glass pieces.

The slightly larger piece is a millefiore bead from Murano, and the flower beads were made in the Czech Republic.
White jade pendant with motif of phoenix, two dragons and a longevity symbol at the top.

This piece will make an interesting design because it has several suspension holes, including one at the bottom which might be good for a tassel or other beads.
Click here to see the finished piece.
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