Semi-precious Stone Designs
Red Raindrops
Large teardrop shaped rutilated quartz pendant, hanging from a necklace of clear rock crystal beads, with faceted smoky quartz, ox eye and silver accent pieces. Fastens with decorative Balinese silver clasp.
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The pattern of inclusions in the large crystal remind me of a light rain falling on an arid sandy landscape. Click the picture to view a close up.
Rutilated quartz is found with many colour variations, red, gold, black and green. It combines the crystal properties of quartz with those of rutile and is said to illuminate the soul and promote spiritual growth.
Friend of the Forest
Carved jasper frog and leaf pendant on a choker length necklace that features amazonite and jasper leaves, Czech handmade glass flowers, and beads of jasper, rose quartz and "Pakistan jade" (not a true nephrite or jadeite). The piece fastens with a scroll design toggle clasp in sterling silver.
The frog pendant is beautifully carved from one piece of stone to exploit the natural colour bands of the jasper. The other elements were selected to harmonise with the theme and colour of the focal piece.
Successful Characters
Double sided white jade pendant, on a strand of aquamarine and rubellite beads, strung on cord with Chinese knots, fastens with a silver toggle clasp.
The design on the pendant shows two children either side of the written Chinese character "Ru". At the top and the bottom are auspicious animals.
The beauty of Chinese calligraphy makes it a favorite decorative motif. Many "lucky" characters appear in media as diverse as pottery, scroll paintings and embroidered garments. Often appearing as part of the trio "Fu", "Ru" and "Shou", this design conveys a wish for monetary success, while the others are usually interpreted as felicity and longevity.
Flappers Phoenix
Long necklace featuring a white jade pendant carved with a phoenix, two dragons and a longevity character. The focal piece hangs from citrine and European crystal beads and the design fastens with a vermeil Bali silver clasp.(click picture for detail )
The term "white jade" is usually used for white varieties of nephrite jade. Burmese jade can also be white, but in mineral terms is a different stone, more precisely called jadeite jade. Citrine is a species of quartz and the name derives from its yellow colour.
The dragon and the phoenix are both popular motifs in Chinese decoration, appearing in many different mediums. During the Imperial dynasties the dragon symbolised the emperor and the phoenix the empress.
Smoky Cat
Bracelet with light and dark smoky quartz, rutilated quartz and citrine. Strung on cord with Chinese button knots, fastens with gold plated silver toggle clasp.
This bracelet is made with two different styles of bead. The first has a hole drilled through one end, these are then encrusted with other stones drilled lengthwise to give a three dimensional effect.
All these stones are varieties of quartz. As well as these golden brown shades it is also found in green, blue, purple and pink colours. Inclusions may also affect the look of the mineral and give it a cat's eye effect.
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