Semi-precious Stone Designs
Fierce Feline
Burmese jade pendant carved with design of mythical lion playing with a ball, hanging from a Burmese jade flower on a necklace of shells, stone beads and small moss agate beads. Strung on cord and fastening with Bali silver toggle clasp.
In China a pair lion sculptures are ofetn placed at the front of houses, temples and other important buildings. They are thought to symbolically scare away demons and act as protection. The male is portrayed with one paw on a decorative ball, and the female with a cub. They look more like a mythical beast, which is understandable since the animal was never native to China. Its poewer was understood though as the written character shows it as the master of the feline race.
The Opal Hunter
White jade antique style dragon, on necklace of Peruvian opal stones, with small jade beads and carved wooden endless knots. Strung on cord with Chinese knots and fastened with silver clasp.
The endless knot is on of the eight Buddhist symbols. Sometimes refered to as a mystic knot, it symbolises longevity, eternity, destiny, the cycle of life and the mysterious connection of all things physical and spritual, material and non material, human and divine.
Rock of Faith
Large rough hewn rhodonite cross, strung from a necklace of Botswana agate beads, with polished rhodonite accent beads. Strung on cord and fastening with a Bali silver toggle clasp.
The cross or crucifix is a powerful Christian amulet. It would have been recognised and its symbolism understood at a time when most people were unable to read or write. As well as being a personal talisman, larger pieces were also used to protect buildings and communities. The double armed Cross of Lorraine was even believed to ward off the plague.
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