Guest Artist - Celeste Luis
It is my pleasure to introduce our guest artist on the website, Celeste Luis.

Celeste must have been captivated by beads even as a child, because for her earliest official passport photo she made sure to wear her favorite pearl necklace.The little girl who saw her first magical pieces of amber in the window of a shop selling all sorts of Polish specialities progressed to making her own creations.

Already accomplished at stringing and knotting beads, an opportunity to move to Hong Kong from Canada in 1990 was inspirational. More beautiful pearls and semi-precious stones were now readily available to enhance her designs. Always generous in sharing her skills Celeste taught many students the art of pearl stringing at the YWCA in Hong Kong.

Relocated to Singapore in 2000, she continues the search for wonderful beads around the world.

Of course there are always new avenues to explore, and her latest projects are worked by off loom needleweaving with seed beads and other delightful baubles.

Those of us who know Celeste will already know why I have a little angel here, but for other visitors, I can let you know that she collects them with passion and a discerning eye.
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