Guest Artist - Mihoko J H
It is my pleasure to introduce Mihoko as a Guest Artist. We met in Tokyo when she was my teacher for a class using the new Silver Clay material. We have kept in touch even though I no longer live in Japan.

Mihoko has spent time living in San Diego, Singapore and Jakarta where she cultivated her interests in art and craft. When she returned to her home country of Japan she studied with a master enamelist.

She combines her knowledge of Asian and Western forms to produce a unique contemporary design of the highest quality.

To express her original designs with many vivid colours she uses a high temperature kiln to coat a copper base with enamel. After polishing the enamel presents a glassy gem like surface.

A few years ago she also started working with a new material, silver clay. It consists of binder and silver, and during the firing process the binder burns away and pure silver remains. This can also be coloured with  enamels.

Her gallery shows works made of both techniques.
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